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The new N8E series 8 × 4 truck


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  • The new N8E series 8 × 4 truck is the company's effort to build the economic lightweight products, through the domestic advanced production technology and first-class processing technology to create a cost-effective, high reliability of the truck, the product Covering the horsepower section of 270 ~ 375, mainly for daily industrial products, coal, building materials and other transport.

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  • Driving comfort:
    Airbag seat can be adjusted according to the human body weight, before and after, high and low, all-round adjustment, configure the dedicated gas cylinder, the maximum ease of driving fatigue.
    Comfortable, low cost:
    The use of dual motor to adjust the cab internal temperature, low power consumption, low cost, convenient and comfortable; more outlet design, multi-angle transmission.
    Island-style center console :
    The center console uses the aviation style around the island, a variety of operations at your fingertips, to achieve the perfect combination of man-machine function and comfort.
    Spacious sleeper:
    Spacious and comfortable, thick sleeper, high-grade fabric, comfortable and durable. Equipped with a small pillow and shade curtains, effectively blocking the external light, sleep more comfortable.
    Double seal :
    After a rigorous shower test, good sealing; stop pm2.5 particles into the effective barrier noise, driving the internal noise is only 76 dB.
    Adjustable steering wheel :
    The direction of the steering wheel before and after the column can be adjusted up and down to meet the different types of drivers to use; with impact anti-injury mechanism, the collision can effectively reduce the direction of the column device on the driver's injury.

  • Cab: Integrated with the modern and scientific designing elements, its appearance is powerful and dynamic. In addition, the structure, designed based on aerodynamic science analysis, the cab has the advantages of low wind resistance and favorable fuel-economy.
    Weichai engine: N8E trucks are equipped with WEICHAI POWER, the favorable-performance engine that are used most commonly in China. WEICHAI engine have the advantages of durability, strong power, high fuel efficiency and lee energy loss.
    Aluminum gearbox: multi-gear large center from the double axle aluminum alloy gearbox, light weight, good heat, the economy speed is reasonable, low maintenance costs, high comprehensive income.
    Rear axle:Using well-known domestic manufacturers, with excellent quality of the axle, mature technology, reliable performance, carrying capacity.
    Frame: the use of high-strength materials, a stamping, the shot peening treatment, high precision, no deformation, greatly enhance the frame anti-fatigue, anti-rust, anti-corrosion ability, effectively improve the frame strength.
    Aluminum alloy fuel tank: large aluminum alloy fuel tank long long mileage, step in place, reduce the number of refueling, to avoid fuel waiting for fuel consumption; aluminum alloy material, reduce their weight, beautiful appearance, enhance the image of the vehicle.
    Aluminum alloy gas cylinder: the use of mold blanking, molding to ensure product consistency; aluminum materials, the protection of the matrix is not corrosive, long life; surface cleanliness, giving fresh and bright feeling.

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