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N6 series 6 × 2/4 truck(Yu chai)


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  • N6 series 6 × 2/4 truck is the company's top design technology, advanced production technology to create the economy fuel economy, comfortable and safe lightweight truck, the product covers the horsepower section of 200 to 245, the main function isfor daily industrial products, express logistics, cold chain, fruits and vegetables and other goods transport.

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  • Cabin:Vision wide
    Wide range of panoramic view of the cab, excellent design to bring open visual experience; cab as a whole with gray-based colors, cover pieces of leather pattern wrapped, feel strong; instrument panel layout ergonomic, all kinds of buttons at your fingertips, Filling high grade
    Adjustable steering : Safe and convenient
    Steering system through the ergonomic check, the four directions of the steering column can be adjusted to meet the different size of the driver to use; At the same time with the impact of anti-injury mechanism, a collision accident, can reduce the impact of the direction of the column device on the driver's injury.
    Flat floor design: spacious, easy to ride
    Providing greater cab space, interchangeable driving and free activities more convenient for the driver to provide spacious and comfortable driving environment.

  • Cabin: Integrated with the modern and scientific designing elements, its appearance is powerful and dynamic. In addition, the structure, designed based on aerodynamic science analysis, the cab has the advantages of low wind resistance and favorable fuel-economy.
    Engine: WEICHAI POWER engine has the advantages of better fuel-economy and performance compared with other products. By virtue of the favorable acceleration capacity, fuel-economy and strong power, it can save fuel for 3%-5%.
    Transmission: Standard Fast gearbox, reliable products, stable quality, cost-effective, low failure rate, reduce maintenance costs.
    Equipped with a special 9/10 FAST transmission, double intermediate shaft structure, light weight, mature and reliable, economical speed reasonable. Full-gear gearbox, shift more light, comfortable, fuel economy better.
    Rear axle:Using well-known domestic manufacturers, with excellent quality of the axle, mature technology, reliable performance, carrying capacity.
    Frame :The use of high-strength materials, one-time stamping molding, shot peening treatment, high precision, no deformation, greatly enhance the frame anti-fatigue, torsion, rust, corrosion resistance. Format standard hole design, frame strength, easy to modify.
    Flip mechanism: Electric hand lift pump, cab lift flip more convenient, easy and user-friendly, cab reversal angle of 55 °, to facilitate vehicle inspection, maintenance.
    Lightweight design:Vehicle selection of new lightweight materials, while ensuring the bearing at the same time, to guarantee the loading weight. Chassis light weight, design load tonnage high, fuel consumption reducing more. Meanwhile, more transportation goods, to ensure high returns.

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