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N8C series 8×4 dump truck


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  • N8C series 8× 4 dump truck is Dayun engineering vehicle research and development team and professional change unit to build a fine models, reliable quality, economical fuel-efficient, product coverage horsepower for 350 ~ 400, mainly for gravel, coal, Ore and other transportation.

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  • European Cabin
    European large space cab, human comfort. All metal skeleton, bird nest structure, high security, good comfort.
    A number of precision control instruments
    New application of adjustable LED five-speed cycle of the new type of backlight, the lights are more accurate reading, while the new self-test function to ensure smooth work at all times.
    Electric doors and windows
    Electronic control automatic lift, car-level enjoyment, comfortable and convenient.
    Driving recorder
    Can achieve real-time vehicle positioning, regional operation limit, run track playback, fatigue driving alarm, speeding to remind a driver identification and recording function, to help the team and the driver better management of vehicles.

  • Cabin: The lightweight cab is designed with more uniform visual elements, with local integration, its appearance is magnificent. Employing the polymer composites, its material is of high quality and more artistic. The streamlined design can effectively reduce the wind resistance.
    Wei chai Engine:Wei chai engine uses a new type of bypass valve supercharger to improve the efficiency of low-speed, combined with fuel injection pump low-speed regional oil correction, low-speed torque boost nearly 12%, fuel consumption reduced by 10-15%. Wei chai engine excellent quality, long life, affordable.
    Fast transmission: The N8C series truck are equipped with the heavy truck transmission that employs the EATON manufacturing technology imported from America by FAST company, which make it more convenient and easily to shift gears, with better reliability.
    Axle: After the axle is fully optimized, the axle housing material is fully thickened, the cross section is high, and the new quenching process is applied in the whole shell, which makes the overall bending resistance of the driving axle nearly 30%. The application of the new quenching process, Strength effectively put an end to the occurrence of teeth.
    Frame: Using the form of straight beam to prevent the frame deviation, improve the frame torsion and carrying capacity.
    Mercedes-Benz technology drive shaft: Optimized Mercedes-Benz commercial vehicle technology drive shaft, enhanced tooth root strength; reduced transmission shock and internal wear.
    Optimization Design of Gas Storage: The new pipeline direction and planning and design, effectively reduce the friction between the pipelines to improve the service life, the pipeline to be more reasonable.

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