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N8V series 6 × 4 tractor(Cummings Engine)


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  • N8V series 6 × 4 tractor positioning in the high-end heavy truck products, covering 350 to 460 horsepower, mainly for daily industrial products, express delivery, cold chain, light throw transport industry in the long-distance logistics and Dayun trucks highlights the luxury and comfort, intelligent and reliable, transport timeliness.

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  • The overall style of the cab:
    The overall style is simple, elegant, gives the soul of calm, to create a sense of comfort, center console and the floor with dark, different color contrast enhanced cab spacious visual atmosphere.
    Airbag seats
    The use of headrest integrated air damping seat, according to their own needs to adjust, greatly reduce the driver's long-distance driving fatigue.
    Semi - automatic air conditioner
    The temperature and humidity can vary automatically according to the setting.
    Semi - automatic air conditioner
    The temperature and humidity can vary automatically according to the setting.
    Sleeper widened
    The sleeper is widened and added protective fence, reading lamp, which is convenient for rest and reading, embodying the human—oriented designing idea.
    Automatic cruise
    This function can reduce unnecessary speed changes, which will both save fuel-consumption and effectively ease the fatigue of drivers.
    Top sunroof
    Speed up the air flow inside the cab, improve the car environment, conducive to physical and mental health.
    Control console
    Using S-shaped surface, to create a sense of overhead. Semi-package instrument design makes the driver more convenient control, surrounded by a sense of stronger, more sense of security; great sense of science and technology touch large screen, key control accurately, clear, the driver can easily operate the functions of the vehicle.
    LCD instrumentation 
    The newly increased function of instantaneous fuel display, as a result the drivers can casually get aware of the fuel-consumption variation and thus better control the fuel-consumption while driving.

  • Cabin: Using black and yellow and thick sturdy grille before the face, far and near the light design, enhance the lighting effect, steel bumper safe and reliable, dynamic fashion.
    Cummings Engine: 2000bar ultra-high injection pressure to achieve better engine atomization fuel, making the combustion more full, economical fuel economy. The whole weight of the module design, parts reduction of 30%, weight loss of about 200kg, intelligent speed control patented technology according to the vehicle operating environment, intelligent control of engine speed, to achieve the best fuel economy.
    Maintenance-free rear axle :Reliable quality, easy maintenance, good heat dissipation, long life. Rear axle integrated design, compact layout, low failure rate, improve transmission efficiency.
    Frame : The use of simulation analysis and electrical measurement technology, the use of high-strength steel, the most domestic high-strength steel, the use of high-strength steel, the use of high-strength steel, Advanced, the highest tonnage of the three-dimensional CNC punching production line, so that a stamping machine, the strength increased by 50%, low failure rate, anti-rollover ability.

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