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With DAYUN Truck I am no longer afraid of the long road
Release time:2017-05-23 Views:413
      Cheng-sheng Wang from Hebei province is one of those ambitious men trying their best to make the country prosperous.What makes him special is that he is a heavy duty truck driver driving a DAYUN truck going around the whole country.
      Walking in the bustling fruit and vegetable wholesale market, in the refrigerator car park area, the reporter from “Commercial Vehicles Home” noticed Mr. Wang’s DAYUN truck. It looked very special in a group of imported trucks. Mr. Wang was doing some maintenance work for the cooler to avoid the loss of the fruit on the car. Mr. Wang, who has been in the transportation industry for nearly 20 years, gave the first impression of being enthusiastic and optimistic."I have been in the transport industry since the late 90 s, it was the golden period of the transport industry because of the nice road and good money, then the business environment changed, I struggled for living."Mr. Wang told reporters: "I have been doing transportation for many years and I have driven a lot of trucks. Considering of safety and efficiency, I chose the DAYUN truck to replace my old truck ,after years of using DAYUN truck, I find it is stable and reliable , also fuel economy and durable."
      "This DAYUN truck was used for coal transportation, transported coal from Shanxi, Inner Mongolia to all parts of the country, even when faced the complex bad working condition, my DAYUN truck has never let me down. No matter climbing mountains or running on rugged roads the vehicle operation is very stable, except the normal maintenance I never need to worry about it, this offers me a lot of benefits to my coal transportation business.""Said Mr. Wang.
      Mr. Wang told reporters: "coal transportation was not optimistic for last year , so I started to run refrigerated transport with friends, I wondered if my DAYUN truck would be capable, but after a half year of running ,it proved that my worries are not necessary. My DAYUN truck is still stable, even when run on mountain roads, it does not have any problem. My DAYUN truck is equipped with Weichai 340HP engine, Fast gearbox with 12 gears and Hande axles, they are very classic.
      When asked about vehicle operation condition, Mr. Wang told reporters: "the shipping industry is becoming more and more depressed recently, it's very tough for us, we should not only guarantee the efficiency of the owner's requirements, and also consider keeping frozen food fresh. Take transporting the fruit from Yunnan to Beijing as an example, it was 2600 km, we were asked to finish the job in 42 hours, my DAYUN truck performed very well, basically can keep at 75 km/h , safe and efficient.


      Mr. Wang has been driving his DAYUN truck for more than two years, travelled nearly 300000 km, gone around the whole country by now, and his next travel with DAYUN truck will be Yunnan province. I think with DAYUN truck, Mr. Wang will not be afraid of any difficult transportation task and break out of his own way bravely.

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