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Happiness is like a Snowball
Release time:2016-12-26 Views:445

      Just like all the DAYUN heavy truck’s owners I have ever met, Mr Zou spoke highly of great service of DAYUN.
      In 2016, DAYUN heavy truck’s sales volume increased rapidly at the sales center in Guangzhou Nansha port. Because more and more friends chose DAYUN heavy truck and after long-time consideration, Mr. Zou ordered a truck here finally. Now he has owned seven heavy trucks after spending nine years in Guangdong province. 

     Mr. Zou put that:“there are mainly three factors need to be considered while buying a truck, including engine, gear box and chassis. The big pieces of DAYUN heavy truck are WEICHAI engine, FAST gearbox and HANDER chassis, and I am very satisfied.”. Mr Zou is a skilled driver and he has been driving heavy trucks since 1994. During the past over 20 years, he has driven mostly domestic brand heavy trucks which makes him have accumulated more than 3 million kilometers of driving experience, so he has his own experience in choosing the heavy truck.
      After comparing many models, Mr. Zou chose DAYUN heavy truck this year, because the financial policy of DAYUN heavy truck is more suitable for him, a small business owner featuring rolling development.

     There are several factors require to be considered to product sales, first of all is the quality of the product itself, and secondly, thinking about the interests of the customers is also an important driving force to achieve sales goals. In his view, both two points are available for DAYUN heavy truck. After friend's introduction and his own test drive, he felt it good. Moreover, the staff of DAYUN Nansha sales center thought about everything for his sake, such as flexible financial policy and thoughtful service, giving him great confidence.

      Under the guidance by the flexible financial policy, Mr. Zou and DAYUN Group achieved a win-win situation. In addition,  DAYUN high-quality service team also bring customers good experience, which makes customer group become loyal to DAYUN brand. Although Mr. Zou just drives DAYUN heavy truck, he has a plan in advance - to buy two DAYUN heavy truck next year.
      "It has been a long time to drive, and now I pay great attention to cab’s comfort. Many of my friends who drive heavy trucks have the lumbar disease, although I am very healthy, I have to attach great importance to the hidden healthy matters. Therefore, apart from the three factors mentioned above, cab’s comfort is also important”. Referring to the reasons for choosing a DAYUN heavy truck, Mr Zou added. He feels very satisfied with DAYUN truck’s cab.

      After finishing the loan of old truck and then buying a new one immediately, which is Mr. Zou’s development plan and it has been proved to be successful. According to the terms in economics, it should be a snowball-rolling style development, which ensures the business conversion from small to strong and step by step. 
      It is the tenth year for Mr. Zou doing his business in Guangdong next year, and his company will own 10 heavy trucks next year. Down-to-earth development, step forward by year, although he said he didn’t have long-term planning, I still believe that this optimistic Hunan people must have a great blueprint on the development.

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