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Mr. Charles Scaati, the deputy Governor of Limpopo led a delegation from theRepublic of South Africa visited our company.
Release time:2018-07-18 Views:720
      On July 15, the provincial government delegation led by Charles Scaratti, the deputy governor of the Limpopo Province of the Republic of South Africa, accompanied by the full-time vice president of the Shanxi Provincial Friendship Association, Jinyunyan, and the Vice Mayor of Yuncheng, Wei Zaixue, visited the Yuncheng production base of Dayun Automobile and inspection on the development of the equipment manufacturing industry. The chairman of DayunGroup, Yuan Qinshan, and the general manager of the DayunAutomobile Yuncheng Business Unit, Chen Haoli, and other leaders accompanied the delegation.

      Charles Scaati and his team listened carefully to the introduction of the basic situation of the company at the entrance of the welding workshop. They stopped and checked the operation of the welding robot and the door-rolling robot and asked the accompanying staffs for relevant contents. In the workshop, Charles Scaati and his entourage watched the process of that the body-in-white body” wearing” the gorgeous coat. They all expressed their compliment. The foreign guests witness The "birth" of a heavy truckfrom the door No.1 to No.9 of the assembly workshop, with the total distance 525 meters, clean and tidy working environment, well-trained staffs, all left a deep impression, in the sample truck exhibition area, Charles Scaati boarded a tall and mighty heavy truck, and experienced the comfort of the airbag seat and adjustable steering wheel, which could not help but praise.
      Yuncheng is one of the biggestcitiesin Shanxi Province with big population, a traditional agricultural market and an emerging industrial city. At present, the city's economic operation shows a good trend of steady progress. Limpopo is a treasury of South African natural resources with a rich agricultural, mineral and tourism resources. Since the establishment of diplomatic ties between China and South Africa over the past 20 years, China-South Africa economic and trade cooperation has been continually deepened. In particular, the construction of the “Belt and Road” has provided a rare opportunity and broad space for deepening pragmatic cooperation between the two countries. This friendly visit has laid a solid foundation for the two sides to further strengthen exchanges and cooperation in the fields of minerals, agriculture, culture and tourism. This is of great significance for the city to expand its opening up and build an export-oriented economy. As the leading representative of the Yuncheng equipment manufacturing industry, Dayun Automobile will always adhere to the development goal of “establishing a corporate culture with strong ideas and values and becoming the most successful enterprise in society”, will not disappoint the government to actively explore overseas market andwill try our best for the friendship and cooperation between China and South Africa.

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