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Initiative and Thoughtful Kindness - Wu Anyu, Deputy Researcher of The Supervisory Office of the Shanxi Provincial Department of Transportation, Went to Dayun Automobile to Hold A Vehicle Transportation Overrun Notice Implementation Forum
Release time:2018-06-01 Views:651

      On the afternoon of May 30th, Wu Anyu, deputy researcher of the Supervisory Office of the Ministry of Transport of Shanxi Province, went to the Yuncheng production base of Dayun Automobile, and on the institutionalization of the general law enforcement of the vehicle overrun and overloaded. The symposium was held for the implementation of the Notice. Guo Jiangfeng, deputy director of Yuncheng Zhichao Office, Li Zhizhi, director of Asset Management Department of Yuncheng Expressway North Company, Liang Xiaojin, commander of Yunzheng Expressway South Company, and Wang Xiaojun, director of Maojindu Highway Overrun Detection Station, Shanxi Dayun Automobile Sales Co., Ltd. Business Manager Jiang Yuxiang and other company leaders attended the meeting.
      With the rapid development of enterprises, the shipment volume of Dayun commercial vehicles is increasing day by day, which is limited by the over-limit transportation regulations of road vehicles. Logistics transportation has become a bottleneck restricting the rapid development of our company. In response to the development dilemma of our company, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Transportation has paid close attention to it, arranged special personnel to have a deep research, and convened a special meeting to coordinate and resolve.
      At the end of April 2018, the Shanxi Provincial Department of Transportation and the Provincial Public Security Department jointly issued the "Notice on Promoting the Institutionalization of Vehicles Overrun and Overloading Joint Law Enforcement Normalization". The leaders of the Provincial Department of Transportation attach great importance to the implementation of the above-mentioned regulations. The instructions: For the leading enterprises in Shanxi's real economy represented by the Dayun, the Supervisory Office must take the initiative and provide precise services, and the first time to implement the corporate policy, the first Time to execute. On May 23, Yuncheng supervisory Office led the relevant person in charge of the Yuncheng North Company and Yuncheng South Company of the Traffic Control Group had a indoor service forDayun Automobile, held a special meeting and formed a treatment plan, and started to implement the above-mentioned regulationson May 25th,for Dayun vehicles and goods enter and leave the Yuncheng Expressway, and escort the company's sustained and rapid development with practical actions.
      After the work report of the Supervisory Office of Yuncheng City, Wu Anyu researcher inquired about the current logistics and transportation situation of Dayun Automobile. He said that law enforcement officials and enterprises should clarify four aspects: First, they must strictly implement the notification provisions and actively implement the spirit of the notice; second, increase the propaganda of the spirit of the notice, law enforcement personnel and enterprises must actively learn and publicize; Law enforcement personnel and enterprises should establish communication channel and strengthen communication. Fourth, enterprises must take safety measurement to ensure the safety of vehicles and personnel in logistics and transportation.
      General Manager Jiang Yuxiang expressed his sincere gratitude to the Provincial Department of Transportation for their diligence, dedication and initiativeto providing their solution to help enterprises, saying that Dayunwill keep aggressiveness and create new achievements in the next step of corporate development. Make new and greater contributions to the economic transformation and development of Shanxi.

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