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Congratulations: YuanQinshan, Chairman of Dayun Group, was elected as the Standing Committee Member of the 12th Shanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference.
Release time:2018-01-30 Views:621

      On January 29th, the twelfthplenary session of the Shanxi Provincial Political Consultative Conference held its fourth meeting. The meeting elected the chairman, vice-chairman, secretary-general and standing committee member of the 12th Shanxi Provincial Committee of the CPPCC. Duringthe meeting, Yuan Qinshan, chairman ofDayun Group, was elected as the standing committee member of the 12th CPPCC, Shanxi.

      While developing the enterprise, Chairman Yuan Qinshan actively participated in various social activities and served as the standing committee of the 11th and 12th People's Congress of Shanxi province, the 9th and 10th CPPCC members of Shanxi Province, and the National Federation of Industry and Commerce. The 10th and 11th Executive Committee, Vice Chairman of Shanxi Provincial Federation of Industry and Commerce, Vice President of Shanxi Provincial Chamber of Commerce, President of Shanxi Chamber of Commerce in Guangdong Province, Chairman of Yuncheng Federation of Industry and Commerce. He devoted himself to managing of his own enterprise and has had extensive researches and studies, learned the existed difficulties and problems in the development of private enterprises andactively offered his suggestions and advices. He provided the necessary decision basis for the government to understand the requests of enterprises and providing solutions to solve the problems, and consciously fulfilledthe social responsibility.

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