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Dayun Automobile Held Awards Ceremony for Being Honored the Top Enterprise in Yuncheng city
Release time:2017-12-23 Views:668

      On December 22, Dayun automobile was selected as the top enterprise in Yuncheng city and the ceremony was held in Yuncheng base.  Chairman Yuan Qinshan was awarded “outstanding entrepreneur in Yuncheng city. 


      “Yuncheng industrial restructuring and development plan” is one of the 3 most important development plans for Yuncheng government. In brief, if the sales revenue exceeds 10 billion yuan, the company will be in the top enterprise list in Yuncheng city. Since the list is released on September 20, Dayun automobile has been developing at a steady and healthy pace with the focus and support of local  government, it has successfully completed the target before November, becoming the best enterprise  in Yuncheng city.

       The secretary of China Communist Party of Yuncheng city Liu Zhihong attended the conference and made an important speech.  He presented the award of “Top enterprise” and the “outstanding entrepreneur" honorary title to Chairman Yuan Qinshan.  The CEO of Dayun (Yuncheng) group Chen Haoli was also rewarded for his contribution. The mayor of Yuncheng city, chairman Yuan Qinshan and other government officials all made important speech for Dayun’s contribution.

Municipal party committee secretary Liu Zhihong and Chairman Yuan Qinshan

Yuncheng Deputy Mayor Zhu Peng and CEO of Yuncheng group Chen Haoli