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Dayun truck 2017 new products conference successfully concluded
Release time:2017-06-29 Views:304
      Since 2009, Dayun has entered the truck field, and after a short time it has made a remarkable achievement. In the fierce market, Dayun adopted a unique marketing strategy and quickly occupied the market and has been the largest private truck manufacturer in China. On 22 june 2017, the conference of Dayun new products was held in YUNCHENG SHANXI. The director of Dayun automobile Mr. Yuan Qinshan, the global marketing manager of Benz, Mr. Alexander, the member of the board, CEO of Dayun (yuncheng) group, Mr. Chenghaoli, the CEO of the dayun sales company Mr. JiangYuxiang and all the suppliers, dealers,distributers and medias (more than 500 people) attended the meeting to witness the historical moment.

      In the exhibition area, there were many new models, including the N9H tractor truck, N8V tractor truck and the new green muck truck. All the guests were impressed by the beautiful shape and new design of the trucks.

      In the morning, the broad member, CEO of Dayun group Mr. Cheng haoli made a speech to thank all the guests and also summed up the past achievement, then made a long-term plan for the future.
      Then, Mr. Liu Zhuozhi, the Deputy General Manager of sales company introduced the new producs of Dayun Truck, ”Good-looking N8V” ”N9H truck show” “new truck adapt to new regulation”, All that showed the latest products of Dayun company and promoted the progress of China's logistics industry, and made a new area of Chinese truck industry.
      Dayun truck always put the quality in the first place with the technological innovation and globalization. The sales manager of Benz Mr. Alexander klinkner also made an important speech. He was happy to witness the cooperation of Dayun truck and DML Benz and proud of this moment, He also made a simple introduction of Benz and wish a good fortune of Dayun truck.
      Finally, chairman of Dayun automobile, Mr. Yuan Qinshan made an impotant speech. Firstly, He showed the thankfulness to Mr. Alexander’s speech. Mr Yuan Qinshan said that Dayun will  fight for its own goal with scentific manage system and committed to achieve a better result in the future.  
      At the ceremony, Mr. Alexander Klinkner, head of global sales for Mercedes-Benz, was awarded the logo of Mercedes-Benz for dayun truck.
      Over the past year, with the development of Dayun truck, It has attracted many partners and achieved good results. At night, Dayun prepared a fantastic awards show for all the guests.
      On the party, Dayun presented many awards for some dealers to thank for their hard-working. The party was held in a good atmosphere the whole time.
      With constant efforts, Dayun will make a remarkable achieve ment in the world. 
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