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Congratulations! DAYUN Automobile Co., Ltd Successfully Passed the Two Integration Management System Assessment
Release time:2017-06-28 Views:177
      On June 20, DAYUN Automobile Co., Ltd won the two integration management system assessment certificate (certificate number CSAIII-00617IIIMS0012401) issued by Ministry of Industry and Information
      The two integration is the deep integration of informatization and industrialization. The two-way integration management system is the standard management system which deeply promotes the fusion of the two integration . It is a process management mechanism and universal method that integrates the establishment, implementation and improvement of informatization and industrialization. It is understood that the implementation of the two integration management system assessment, is to promote the combination of industrialization and information technology in depth, which has become a new road to industrialization of the important initiatives and starting point.

      In 2013, DAYUN Automobile Co., Ltd started the work of two integration; On March 2014, DAYUN was included in"two integration of pilot enterprises" list of Shanxi Province; In 2015, it became the first batch of pilot enterprises of the two fusion chosen by the Ministry of Industry and Information. In 2016, the group leaders attached great importance to the construction of the two integrated system and established a leading group with core of general manager Chen Haoli as the head of the "two integration management system " and then DAYUN Motor began a comprehensive system construction work. Through analyzing the company's strategy and system integration, DAYUN has divided the goal into three sections, including short, medium and long-term goals, and set up a project implementation team to conduct SWOT analysis of the internal and external environment together with the development and completion of the system construction of specific projects which runs through the system trial stage. Through the several processes such as on-site review, compliance review, expert review and publicity, DAYUN finally won the title--the first two integration management system assessment enterprise in the vehicle industry of private enterprises in Shanxi Province.
      The significance of the development of the two-way integration management system is that the first is to enhance their own innovation capability, which is depending on information technology bases, not only to develop new products, but also to expand the enterprise's influence through the integration of technology, business model and resource utilization. The second is to improve efficiency and reduce costs. The third is sustainable, low carbon, green. That is, through the establishment of a systematic frame, the innovation continues to become the norm of enterprise development.
       In the process of system construction, DAYUN entrepreneur and staff experienced great changes from "do not understand" to "understand", from "passive" to "active", from "network information" to "full participation". Successfully passed the assessment of two integration management system, it is the affirmation to our work in industrialization and informatization. In the future, the company will continue to regard information as a key element of enterprise innovation and development, to promote interactive innovation and continuous optimization on data, technology, business processes and organizational structure. Through fully tapping the potential of resource allocation, and constantly building new capacity under the information technology environment to form a sustainable competitive advantage for the decision-making management and business development to provide comprehensive information support.Finally, achieving system-driven enterprise innovation fundamental goal relying on the formation of innovation and development, intelligent development and green development situation.

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