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DAYUN Automobile Co., Ltd Won the Shanxi Provincial Title--Advanced Safe Production Enterprise
Release time:2017-04-19 Views:212
      On April 12, DAYUN automobile Co., ltd won the provincial title “2016 annual advanced safe production enterprise” in metallurgy and trade industry in a “provincial forum on safety supervision in metallurgy and trade industry & spot promoting meeting on standardized and safe production” held in Hejin county, Yuncheng, Shanxi province.
      Production safety has been stressed in DAYUN Automobile. The Group has always been insisting on the strict implementation of China’s law regarding safe production regulations. Besides, DAYUN also has established its own safe production’s management rules and systems to improve staff’s safety awareness, clarify each position’s duty, eliminate the hidden dangers as much as possible, pay much attention to the safety training, completely eradicate safety production accidents and do well employee self-protection, which ensure DAYUN to deal with safety matters properly according to the regulations and management stipulations.
      During the past year, in order to stick to the group’s policy of safe production so as to ensure the operation and production runs continuously and healthily, we DAYUN group actively implemented and obeyed all levels document regulations to improve safety awareness. We always adhere to the policy “safety is the basic requirement to employee’s happiness and health, and safety is also the basic premise to enterprise’s continuous development ”. Therefore, it is necessary for the whole staff to pay attention to safety matters, which also requires the management to check hidden dangers and strictly inspect staff’s foul play in work. After all our great staff’s working hard together, there no serious safety production accidents happening with the loss is zero this year. Hence, our group DAYUN was admired by all levels security and production institutes of Shanxi province.
      Higher authorities’ commendation is the affirmation for our group’s work. In 2017, we will continue to make new and more contribution to achieve group’s safe production in accordance with provincial deployment as well as metallurgy and trade industries’ regulations.

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