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DAYUN N9 reliable protector has high attendance and low failure rate
Release time:2015-10-09 Views:2771
1, Super air intake system supplying good air to engine
      Inside two - stage swirl blades can be filtered 80% large particles of dust effective. Extend the filter and engine life so that improve reliability.
2, Pipeline layout is reasonable and smooth
      Regular pipeline not easily damaged by friction and convenient maintenance. Meanwhile evince more sophisticated processes. 
      Germany VOSS joint improves tightness has great safety performance. Reduce idle inflation time so that reduce fuel consumption.
3, Super frame, technology carrying the future
      The frame design uses advanced software analysis. Optimize frame design and spare part structure so that higher loading ability, lighter weight and longer life. 
      Two layer high strength composite frame. L610 material has resistance to bending and great loading ability.  Rolling process solve the problem of difficult to forming high strength steel plate.
4, Golden supply chain to create excellent quality
      WEICHAI four-valve engine has lower failure rate, longer life and saving fuel.
      HANDE axle technology introduces Germany M.A.N has high loading system and improve reliability. Improve vehicle transmission efficiency suitable for high speed transporting.
      Mercedes Benz technology transmission shaft ensure the flange bonding strength. 

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