Power progress, transfer value
Focusing on minimizing customers' TCO( Total Cost of Ownership) and Maximizing the profit has always been our priority strategy, so we introduce mainstream and mature core parts such as Weichai ECU common rail diesel engines, Hande Steyr and Man platform, Fast gearbox. Such a drive-line offers class-leading performance,superb drive ability, low fuel consumption and good environmental properties. Broad new range of powerful engines from 240hp to 480hp will offer you more choices. The most compact and comfortable driver cabs, blending the latest strides in technology innovation, are featuring ergonomics, comfort and aerodynamic efficiency, will surely improve productivity in large scale. Safety has always been the core care of Dayun people, every Dayun truck is tested in most toughest standards.
Dayun trucks are equipped with Landking (Euro III) series Diesel Engines. Researched and developed independently by Weichai and AVL and co-designed with international parts supplier, Landking is a flagship product designed with the frontline science and technology of internal combustion engine.
We are now establishing worldwide service network with local automobile dealers to serve our customers around the world. We know exactly what service your truck requires and when it needs it to perform at its best with trouble-free, economic operation year after year.
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