Leading Chinese Proudly World-DAYUN Truck “dressed”Fair.

As a “barometer”of The China Import and Export Commodities Fair(referred to as“Fair”), so far has more than 50 years history. It is China’s longest history, highest level, largest scale, most complete variety commodities, merchants at most, clinch the deal the best of the best comprehensive international trade event. Since establishment, DAYUN has participated in six consecutive session of Fair and has success of “DAYUN” brand into the global brand with the help of trading platform to vigorously promote the overseas product.


On April 15-19, 2014, DAYUN, as the industry’s only national independent brands, “dressed” for the 115th China Import and Export Commodities Fair again.


The fair perfect show, greatly enhanced DAYUN’s brand influence in the international market, to further accelerate products occupy important position in the global market, driving DAYUN Truck based in Shanxi, radiation throughout the country, go to the world’s confidence and determination.


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