Gearbox   Driver Cab   Transmission   Rigid frame
  Gearbox comes from the renowned gearbox brand FAST. Combined the American Eaton technology and Chinese innovation, the gearbox perfectly gears to the Dayun trucks. Advanced design, smart structure make the gearbox lighter in weight, preciser to maneuverer, easier to maintain The cab's suspension is entirely seperated from the chassis suspension so as to provide good comfort. The cab can be tilted forward 55° to provide perfect access to the engine and gearbox. Nest-like structure enhances the performance when crash occurs. The driver can be protect with this strengthened steelplate. Dayun truck applies the mature technology of leading commercial vehicle for the transmission shaft. The optimized transmission shafts perform much better in durability, wear-ability. The max. transferring torques up to 20,000N.m, which makes Dayun trucks suitable for mine, desert and oil field.

Dayun truck rigid frames are riveted with uniform cross section, high torque-resistance steel plate. Longeron and beam are strengthened with two plate on both side. All in all, such rigid frame fully meets the requirement of
heavy load and severity road condition.

  Rear balance lever Entry Smart storage The smart Lock
  Six rear balance levers together with the parabolic suspension remarkably improve the truck performance on uneven road, lowing the risk of rolling over from incline side.

A convenient, ergonomically designed entry is worth its weight in gold(非常有价值的) if your job requires frequent entry and exit every day. A lamp in the door’s lower frame that lights up the two anti-slip steps is available as an option.

In the driver cab every available space is utilized efficiently. There are several storages under the cab roof, making it convenient to keep articles for daily use. The driver can control all the doors conveniently. The lock itself will activate when the driver fail to lock the door when driving on the road.
  Instruments and controls   Roof Hatch   Seats   Climate
  From the driver’s seat in the cab, you get an excellent overview of the surrounding traffic and the ergonomically designed controls are positioned with convenient reach. All the instruments are easy to see and the instrument panel’s gently rounded contours(轮廓) give the driver’s environment a pleasant atmosphere. The main instrument with well-positioned gauges displays complete information for driver. Roof hatches are available to let in the light and air. Seats are made of comfortable materials with adjustable device for best comfort. 3 Point safety belt protects the driver from harsh collision. 4 point suspension can absorb the impact from collision. A powerful climate unit with or without air conditioning keeps the temperature at the right level. Can be equipped with an extra cabin filter for driving in demanding environments. Climate is optional for comfortable cab.
  Steering wheel Bumpers with FUP Rear-view mirror Headlamps
  A comfortable, grip-friendly steering wheel with integrated controls for functions such as the cruise control, audio system. Pneumatically controlled steering wheel adjustment makes it easy to find the perfect driving position. The sturdy three-part bumper has a middle section made of plastic and corners made of steel. A front under -run protection (FUP) is integrated into the bumper. Power rear-view mirror offers excellent visibility all rounds. Automatically heat when driving in fog weather makes it more safe for driver. Powerful power-adjustable headlamps and fog-lamps integrated into the bumper provide good visibility even in poor conditions.
  Driving axle   Engine        
  20 years, tens of thousands drivers choice, Steyr technology has proved to be one of the most mature platforms, that is why Dayun choosesHanDe chassis. There are solo axles with single reduction or hub-reduction alternative. Tandem driving axles are available for special purpose vehicles. The material of driving axle housing of Dayun truck is strengthened by special heat-treatment, which increases the resistance to bending of the axle by 30%. Even in the situation of overload on uneven road conditions, the axle can run normally.  

Dayun trucks are equipped with Landking (Euro III) series Diesel Engines. Researched and developed independently by Weichai and AVL and co-designed with international parts supplier, Landking is a flagship product designed with the frontline science and technology of internal combustion engine. As the most mature and reliable Euro III engine, it is capable of Euro IV, V emission standard. Landking Euro (III) N series Diesel Engines bring the rated speed down to 1900rpm, which leads to a great technical breakthrough reaching international leading level in the economy, power, reliability, comfort etc.. Landking (Euro III) N series engines now include WP10N、WP12N etc., which cover a power range from 240 hp to 480 hp.

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