Enterprise Vision
Dayun trucks, driving progress, transfers value. We are proud for promoting the transport productivity and sustainable development of economy and environment through our economical, trustworthy intelligent transportation solutions for the trucking industry
Enterprise Mission
To focus on our customers' challenges and needs from transportation market by providing excellent transportation solutions and services in order to consistently create maximum value for customers worldwide.
Brand & Core Value
Dayun trucks, integrated with the state-of-the-art technology, moves with the times. Safety,energy saving and the environment are our core values that our resolutions for adding customers’ value rest, a sustainable development relies on,and the commitments to the public ground.
Cab Punch Station:Total area:11,232 m² Output: 100 units/day
Driving test line:Total area: 2,5000m²
Automatic weld line:Total area: 14,000 m² 4 weld robots 10 CO2 weld machine.Output: 100 units/day
Spray painting booth:Total area: 21,357 m² Output:100 units/day
Final assembly line:Total area: 2,5000m² Output:100-200 units/day
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